OpenCart and odoo prestashop Ecommerce Software for Web Creation

A robust eCommerce solution for Internet merchants web site create their unique online business and be involved in e-commerce with a minimal cost' -OpenCart website
OpenCart is surely an 'out in the box', open source online 'shopping cart' system. Clients must simply install, select their desired template, add products, and they're ready to start accepting orders. Order management, and multiple payment gateways may also be a built in feature. OpenCart is usually a low-cost eCommerce solution, is search-engine friendly, and contains an intuitive admin interface, giving the customer complete treating their web store. OpenCart has a huge number of high-end eCommerce themes available forall eCommerce web design and creation needs. The website comes with a free demo on their own demo page, for clients to utilise before they plan to install OpenCart. OpenCart offers free community and commercial support and gives free user guides and instructional videos for their clients make use of. OpenCart will depend on a MVC framework designed mainly for the shop system, which enable it to be used in typical PHP/MySQL environments.
The best eCommerce experience' -odoo prestashop website
odoo prestashopis undoubtedly an award winning, search-engine friendly, feature-packed eCommerce software. The odoo prestashop group was founded in Paris, and later on opened an extra headquarters in Miami this year. It has been around since 2007, and also the company is specialized in keeping odoo prestashopfree and open sourced. The software's reliability and suppleness have helped to revolutionise the eCommerce industry by engaging shoppers and increasing online sales. odoo prestashopaids eCommerce web site design and imagecreation by giving over 310 dynamic built-in features. A number of volunteers also support and contribute their very own add-ons to PrestaShop, with contributors often program characteristics for the software, on top from the 310 default features available. odoo prestashopalso supports many different payment gateways. Technical support is obtainable through paid support plans, at the same time free support for the official odoo prestashopforum page that features a growing community that has reached over 600,000 active members. odoo prestashopis accessible under the Open Software License. The softwareiswritten in PHP and MySQL may be the default database engine. odoo prestashopcan be an award winning software, having won this years and 2011 Best Open-source Business Application awards.PrestaShop's website includes a gallery filled with user success testimonies. odoo prestashopis dedicated to working with town, believing that 'inspiration commences with your customers' (odoo prestashopwebpage). They believe that every merchant's project, whether big or small contributes not just to a client's own small business, but in addition to the expansion of PrestaShop. odoo prestashopwas downloaded 1000 times inside of a month of their launch and was translated into 13 languages within a couple of months. Today, it powers over 165,000 active stores worldwide, that has a growing community of nearly 600,000 contributors.
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